Find out why Maiara and Fernando’s engagement came to an end

Maiara and Fernando Zor broke the engagement which had already been facing a crisis for a few months. And according to columnist Léo Dias, from the “Metrópoles” newspaper, the jealousy of Sorocaba’s partner would have been decisive for the end of the relationship.

Also according to the publication, the countryman Henrique, paired with Juliano, would be the target of Fernando’s jealousy, who didn’t even like it when Maraisa’s sister sang songs by the artist. The columnist’s sources stated that Fernando would have done everything possible to prevent Maiara from getting close to Henrique is that the fact that the sertaneja recorded a Stories singing the song “Arranhão”, by Henrique & Juliano, would have culminated in the end of the relationship from both.

Fernando proposed to Maiara in February this year, during a romantic trip to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. At the time, the couple planned a parachute jump and the artist ordered just before they jumped off the plane. Once on dry land, Maiara spoke, moved: “My God, what a crazy man. I accept, my love.”

In August, Fernando Zor appeared without an alliance in a video and caused surprise among some fans, who questioned the famous man about the supposed end of the relationship. Days later, however, Maiara and Fernando appeared together in the United States, where the artist went to perform a series of shows with Sorocaba.

Now Maiara and Maraisa are in Miami, also in the United States, for a show with Zé Neto and Cristiano and Jorge and Matheus this Saturday night (4th). Next month, Maiara and Fernando have a concert scheduled, with their duos, in São Paulo.

Maiara and Fernando ‘got married’ in live sertaneja

In June this year, during a June live, Maiara appeared dressed as a bride and touched the couple’s fans. “I thought I’d never see this scene. I’m crying, I hate it,” assumed a netizen. “I wasn’t prepared to see Maiara dressed as a bride and I realized that now,” said another fan. “The bride Maiara is the most beautiful thing, guys,” said a Twitter user. “The bride Maiara was the reason for my breakdown,” revealed another. During the online broadcast of the show, Sorocaba was responsible for celebrating the fake wedding and entertained internet users.

Maraisa spoke again about the artists’ marriage when she showed the renovation of the artists’ house in Goiânia, which gained a lake inside the property. When showing the greenhouse, which they are building, Maraisa joked: “Look how beautiful the church is getting to celebrate Maiara and Fernando’s wedding.”