Five M | Creator of the mod for GTA 5 says “Kill me Take Two!”

The situation between the take two, Rockstar Games and the modder community is pretty tense. After the latest events, it seems that the FIVE M its days are numbered.

Now the creator of the mod for GTA 5 has come to Twitter and has made worrying statements about the mod’s future. On Twitter the creator of the mod for FIVE M affirmed “Go ahead and kill me, Take Two. Knife. Just end this lie!”.

The creator of FIVE M vents in Twitter,

In the meantime, this declaration comes after the process that the take two put against the creators of RE3, an engineering project reserve for GTA 3 and GTA Vice City.

Rockstar Games can use the DMCA to take down several mods, including the FIVE M!

In order to protect the copyright on its games, the Take Two Interactive who own the Rockstar Games made use of DMCA to take down several famous game mods.

The official rules of Rockstar Games for the use of mods was also changed, now the producer prohibits “the use or implementation of other IPs (including IPs of the rockstar)” and the “creation of new games, stories, missions or maps”.

With that, the producer of GTA 5 can close the Five M at any time, even more so when this mod is built on top of the singleplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V and alters the game by creating new stories, quests and maps. exactly what the Rockstar Games forbade in its new terms.

It is worth remembering that, so far, the mod FIVE M for GTA 5 is still online and with its servers active.

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