Flamengo decides to propose renewal to the “85 Generation” trio and outlines plans for Filipe Luís, Diego and Diego Alves | Flamengo

There’s no rush, but there’s already a decision: Flamengo will offer another year of contract to the trio Diego Ribas, Diego Alves and Filipe Luís. , and it was defined that the permanence of the veterans will be decisive even for the passing of the baton to younger pieces throughout 2022.

Generation 85 celebrates another title for Flamengo — Photo: Pedro Martins / Foto FC

The three, who make up the so-called “85th Generation”, are 36 years old and are appointed as pillars of leadership of this Flamengo, which lists titles since 2019. Negotiations, however, have not yet started and each case will be evaluated according to its particularity .

Filipe Luís is the one who arrives most valued and the desire of the board is to address even what the lateral thinks as a career plan. Flamengo understands that this is a professional that the club wants to have on its staff immediately after retirement. For that, you need to know how many years the player thinks about acting.

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The case of Diego Ribas is also seen naturally and the expectation is that the negotiation will not be the most difficult. Five years ago at Flamengo, the shirt 10 went through this same process in 2019 and 2020, which, in the opinion of the board, facilitates the process.

Finally, there is an apprehension about the negotiations with Diego Alves. After the imbroglio that turned into a soap opera for renewal last year, the directors are surrounded by care so that the negotiation this time is less traumatic.

Flamengo understands that 2022 will be a season to rejuvenate the position. The club goes to the market in the January window in search of a consensus name to have longevity with the red-black shirt, but sees Diego Alves with a fundamental role in this transition, in a situation similar to what happened at Palmeiras, when Weverton was hired while Fernando Prass owned the position.

The initial plan was for this process to happen this season, with Hugo as a big bet. The young man, in turn, dropped a lot of performance and lost space even to Gabriel Batista as Diego Alves’ immediate reserve. Given the scenario, the club plans a trip to the market.

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