For now, only those who received the vaccine from Pfizer should take the 3rd dose in the US

In the United States, only those who received the immunizing agent from Pfizer should be vaccinated with the third dose against Covid-19. The application is scheduled to start on September 20, but it still depends on approval by the US regulatory agency, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which will discuss the matter on the 17th.

Pfizer is the only immunizing agent, so far, that has presented data that prove the effectiveness of the third dose. Data on the Moderna vaccine are still being sent and the need for the booster should not be confirmed until the next 20th, according to the government’s own expectations. Johnson and Johnson is also studying a second dose for Janssen’s single-dose vaccine.

The American government will reduce the effort to apply the vaccine. The plan is significantly smaller than the original, which provided for 100 million doses available for the entire vaccinated portion of the population.

Also under discussion is the interval at which the extra injection should be given. Initially, the third dose would have to be given eight months after the second, but this period can be reduced.

The infectious disease physician and White House advisor, Anthony Fauci, defended, based on studies carried out in Israel, that the application of the third dose is necessary for complete protection against Covid-19.

More than 176 million Americans are already immunized against Covid-19, just over half the country’s population. Almost 207 million have already received at least one dose of the vaccine.