Former employee of the Bolsonaro family admits he participated in the splits | National Newspaper

A former aide to Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, from Patriota, admitted that he was part of the alleged split scheme in the cabinet when Flávio was state deputy. Marcelo Nogueira said that President Jair Bolsonaro agreed that his sons Flávio and Carlos would run the alleged scheme.

Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos says he has lived in the intimacy of President Jair Bolsonaro’s family for 14 years. He was an advisor to the president’s eldest son, Flávio Bolsonaro, when Flávio was a state deputy in Rio.

In an interview with Metrópoles website, Marcelo admits his participation in the crack scheme. He stated that he was obliged to return part of his salary and that he returned 80% of everything he received in the nearly four years he worked for the president’s 01 son. By his accounts, R$340 thousand.

Marcelo says that he only got the job after agreeing to the scheme and that all of Flávio’s advisors did the same.

The former advisor also says that the scheme was repeated in the office of councilor Carlos Bolsonaro, the president’s son 02. And that some of the employees were ghosts too.

Marcelo revealed that transfers were made in cash to the then wife of Jair Bolsonaro, Ana Cristina Valle, stepmother of Flávio and Carlos and mother of Jair Renan, the president’s fourth son.

Ana Cristina became Carlos’ chief of staff between 2001 and 2008.

Jornal Nacional revealed this week that a Coaf report shows that during this period her account received deposits of large amounts in cash.

The JN team went to two addresses in Rio that are said to belong to Marcelo Nogueira, but he wasn’t there.

Reporter Marcela Mattos, from G1 in Brasília, spoke with him by phone. Marcelo confirmed the statements made to the site’s report.

“She determined the value and period. I accepted or not to keep the job. ‘Marcelo, I’ll give you so much’. I had to accept it or not. If I didn’t accept, I wouldn’t have a job,” he said.

Reporter: But did the situation bother you?

Marcelo: Of course, Marcela, it always bothered me, because I knew it was illegal, do you understand? I knew she was stealing public money.

Marcelo says that Ana Cristina Valle was the first to command the corruption scheme, known as cracked, in the offices of Flávio and Carlos, and that he had the consent of Jair Bolsonaro. But after the couple’s separation, Marcelo claims that Jair Bolsonaro agreed that his own children, Flávio and Carlos, would be in charge of the alleged scheme.

Marcelo says that he left Flávio’s office after the separation and went to work at Ana Cristina’s law firm, but at the president’s request, he stayed at her house to take care of their son until 2009.

Recently, Jair Renan paid tribute to Marcelo on social networks, and called him foster father.

Marcelo Nogueira was a target of the Public Ministry in the investigation into the crack in Flávio Bolsonaro’s office. He was part of the core of advisors.

Marcelo had fiscal and banking secrecy broken by authorization of Judge Flávio Itabaiana, when the case was still in the first instance in Rio. But the Superior Court of Justice annulled the use of this part of the evidence.

The process is at a standstill, until the Federal Supreme Court decides whether or not Flávio Bolsonaro has privileged jurisdiction, which should happen on the 14th.

Marcelo Nogueira came to live with Ana Cristina Valle in Brasília, but says he broke up with the president’s ex-wife after she decided to pay a lower salary than agreed.

When asked by reporter Marcela Mattos how the president’s family benefited from the crack, he replied:

Marcelo: These proofs there… this is with the Public Ministry. If they got rich, I can’t be sure for anyone. And where would that money from the chap going that she used to make with me, I can’t say where it was going either, got it? I know she had a life where she bought everything she wanted.

In the same interview with Metrópoles portal, Marcelo Luiz Nogueira raised suspicions about the house where the ex-wife of President Bolsonaro Ana Cristina Valle lives with her son, Jair Renan. Marcelo stated that the property was purchased through an orange. He reaffirmed the statements in messages to reporter Marcela Mattos, from G1.

According to him, “that house, Cristina bought, gave a down payment and the rest got a loan from the bank, but she made a lease and the purchase and sale contract was in the drawer”.

The former employee told G1 that Ana Cristina used someone else to buy the property and simulated a rental agreement with the buyer “so as not to cause scandal”.

Ana Cristina and Jair Renan moved to the 400 square meter house in Lago Sul, an upscale area of ​​Brasília, in July this year. The average rent in the region is R$14,000.

Ana Cristina’s gross salary, as a parliamentary secretary in the Chamber of Deputies, is R$8,000.

According to the registry at the registry, the house was sold in May this year for R$2.9 million. The buyers are realtor Geraldo Antonio Moreira Junior Machado and his wife, Michelle Benício Machado.

According to the registry at the notary’s office, the couple gave R$ 580 thousand in down payment and financed R$ 2.3 million with the BRB, Banco de Brasília, of the Federal District government, with interest of 3.96% per year, below the average from the market.

Geraldo told the bank to receive R$ 61,000 per month. And the installment of the financing came to around R$ 15 thousand monthly.

Despite having bought the property in an upscale area, Geraldo lives in a much simpler house, in the agricultural colony Samambaia, 30 km from Lago Sul.

Geraldo declared to the Federal Revenue that he is a partner in a cargo transport company, opened in May last year. At the address where the company would work, the JN team did not find anyone.

Also last year, Geraldo opened another company, but with no connection with the real estate sector or with the transport sector. It’s a consulting company, opened in partnership with his wife. According to data available from the Federal Revenue, the company should work in a house in Goiânia, more than 200 kilometers from Brasília.

Isadora is the owner of the house and said that the company never operated there.

Reporter: I’m looking for Moreira and Machado Consultoria.

Isadora: No, it’s not here.

Reporter: Only you live here?

Isadora: Me and my daughter who lives across the street.

Reporter: Moreira Machado Consulting Services..

Isadora: I don’t remember that name.

Reporter: Geraldo not too?

Geraldo, owner of the house rented by Ana Cristina, did not want to record an interview. Over the phone, he denied irregularities and did not give details about the deal.

“No way. And I will repeat: on this subject I have nothing more to report. Are you gonna forgive me. I’m serving you here in a very kind way, but I don’t have anything else to talk about this subject,” he said.

Flávio Bolsonaro’s defense stated that the senator is unaware of alleged irregularities that may have been committed by former advisors to the Legislative Assembly or possible financial arrangements that may have been signed between these professionals; that the parliamentarian has always followed the rules of Alerj and has been the victim of a smear campaign; and that both the defense and the senator are unaware of Marcelo Nogueira’s statements.

Carlos Bolsonaro’s defense stated that Marcelo Nogueira never had any connection with the councilor’s office and that he is unaware of the information provided in the interview.

Ana Cristina Valle’s defense said she will not speak out.

BRB stated that the granting of credit follows banking standards and regulations and is based on documents and information provided by customers or market information available about customers; and that interest rates are set based on credit risk analysis and are available to all its customers.

Planalto Palace’s advisors did not manifest themselves.