Francisco Diá leaves the command of Ferroviário after defeat by Volta Redonda

Ferroviário completed the fourth game in a row without scoring, but this time, not even a draw came. Ferrão was defeated by Volta Redonda 2-0 in a match valid for the 15th round of Série C. The game was played this Saturday, 4th night, at Estádio Raulino de Oliveira, in Volta Redonda. The goals of the match were scored by Natan and Pedrinho, both in the second half.

Now, Ferroviário has reached seven games without a win. The defeat made Ferroviário drop to sixth place, surpassed by Volta Redonda. Tubarão can still see the G4 get even further away if Paysandu and Botafogo-PB win. Ferroviário returns to the field now on September 13th, in front of Paysandu, a game scheduled for Cidade Vozão, in Itaitinga.


Volta Redonda was better since the beginning of the match. The team from Rio began dominating ball possession and cornering Ferroviário in its defense field. In the first minute, Voltaço arrived with danger, when Luciano Naninho made a good play on the left and touched it to the middle, for Emerson Jr to arrive beating. The ball swerved and passed dangerously to the right of Rafael’s goal.

Ferroviário had difficulties to start playing, missed many passes and only saw Volta Redonda play. At 12, Emerson Jr. started to scare again, risking dangerously from the entrance to the area. Two minutes later, Volta Redonda had a penalty in their favor. Pedrinho received it in the area, advanced and was knocked down by Sousa Tibiri. Shine, however, the star of goalkeeper Rafael, who defended the charge of Luciano Naninho. The choral archer, by the way, would come to be the name of the first time.

The first arrival of Ferroviário only occurred after 20 minutes, when Dioguinho took a free kick over the goal. And it was only at 34 that goalkeeper Vinícius Dias needed to work, in a weak shot after counterattack. A minute later, a much clearer chance for Volta. Luiz Paulo invaded the area and hit the cross with force. Rafael made another great save. In the corner that followed, the goalkeeper of Ferrão had to make another big intervention, after a header by Olavio. At 40, again, Rafael made a great save, after a kick from Pedrinho’s midfield.

Ferroviário changed its posture in the second half. He started to have more of the ball and took more risks in the attack. But, ironically, it was in the middle of Ferrão’s improvement that Volta Redonda opened the scoring. On minute six, after a good play by Volta Redonda’s attack, the ball reached Nathan in the right tip of the area. He hit hard, crossed and opened the score.

With the goal, Ferroviário went for the top, but stumbled on the many technical errors that prevented the team from creating. A minute after the goal, Richardson headed after a cross and the Volta goalkeeper saved. For the rest, Ferrão barely arrived. Volta Redonda slowed down, but even so, arrived with more danger. At 31, Luciano Naninho made a great move on the left and rolled for Olávio to submit. Rafael, again, defended. At 38, Volta Redonda reached second – and with a great goal. Pedrinho took a free kick at the angle, with no chance for Rafael.

Shortly afterwards it happened. Apathetic, Ferrão didn’t even manage to press. The result could not be different: victory for Volta Redonda.

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