Function and how to access health platforms

key points

  • Proof of the vaccine can be issued by e-Saúde and Conecta SUS;
  • Vaccine passport is required for entry into other countries;
  • Brazilian capitals will require a vaccine passport for entry into establishments for collective use;

The advance of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 is notorious, showing the importance of the vaccine for health. It is a public health safety attitude, which motivated the creation of the platforms Connect SUS and and health.

Both platforms were created with the aim of making an overview of vaccination against Covid-19 and organizing the data individually on behalf of each citizen who has already been vaccinated. These systems act, above all, in issuing proof of vaccination, which already plays an important role.

At first, proof of vaccination was required to allow tourists to enter other countries. In Brazil, the document began to be requested for entry into establishments for collective use, as an incentive to vaccination, thus preventing the spread of the virus.

To facilitate the acquisition of this proof of vaccination, two free platforms were created and can be used by any Brazilian citizen. Watch!

and health

O and health is a health platform created by the City of São Paulo (SP) through the Avança Saúde – IDB program. This is an initiative in partnership with the Municipal Health Department of São Paulo (SMS-SP), with the objective of implementing telemedicine through electronic medical records, as well as clinical data in digital format.

The application and health SP brings together the entire history of the patient in the Unified Health System (SUS) in the city of São Paulo. The novelty is that the platform was updated to address agendas aimed at the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in SP.

Data on immunization can be obtained from the Vacina Sampa menu, in which the user can check the priority groups for each stage of the vaccination schedule, check the address list of vaccination posts, among other matters.

To use the and health SP is enough:

  • Access the website ( or download the application on your smartphone;
  • Register;
  • See which vaccination group you are in;
  • Know when it will be your turn to be immunized and the application sites;
  • Receive updates on the topic;
  • Remove all your doubts.

On the platform, citizens of São Paulo can also access the “@covid” option, through which the municipal administration identifies and welcomes patients with suspected Covid-19 or with doubts about the disease.

The procedure works as follows, the patient informs the symptoms he has been feeling through the application and waits for the analysis and response of the doctors or nurses, who will carry out a teleconsultation, giving all the necessary guidance.

Connect SUS

O Connect SUS it is considered the Brazilians’ vaccine passport. The platform allows citizens to view the National Vaccination Certificate with data referring to Covid-19.

According to the Ministry of Health, responsible for creating the platform, “in the app, the user can enter all the information about the vaccines, as long as they have taken both doses in the case of the new coronavirus”, he claimed.

e-Health and Connect SUS: Function and how to access health platforms
e-Saúde e Conecta SUS: Function and how to access health platforms. (Image: Gazeta do Povo)

When issuing proof of vaccination by the Connect SUS, the user has the option to print the certificate or save a digital copy on the smartphone, even on the wallet of the mobile device.

The intention of the Federal Government in creating this vaccine passport is that, in the future, the Connect SUS be able to gather all the necessary data to help the traveler prove that they have been immunized against Covid-19.

To purchase proof of vaccination by Connect SUS enough:

  • Access the website or download the app available for Android and iOS;
  • Provide personal data for creating an account;
  • Start official access informing the registered CPF and password;
  • In the initial menu, select the desired subject: vaccines, exams, medications, QR Code validation, etc;

The profile of each user in Connect SUS also allows the administration of a series of personal data, such as:

  • Records;
  • Contracts;
  • Organ transplantation;
  • Blood donation;
  • News, etc.;

Overall, the purpose of Connect SUS it is interesting because it allows the citizen to gather all health-related data in one place, avoiding the accumulation of papers that can easily be lost during a trip.

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e-Health and Connect SUS: Function and how to access health platforms

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