Galeão International Airport to be transformed into a race track

Image: Publicity / RIOgaleão

EXCLUSIVE – Tom Jobim International Airport should receive, for the first time, the beasts of national motorsport in October, when it will be temporarily transformed into a race track for Stock Car Brasil 2021. Currently, the process is being approved by the authorities. The information and evidence were passed on to us by sources close to the airport’s administrator on an anonymous basis.

The auto race is scheduled for October 24, 2021, but the airport’s runway 10/28, which will be one of the straights on the circuit, will have to be closed before and after, between October 17 and 29, in order for it to be the preparation, appointments and training of the pilots were carried out. During the period, Galeão will have the operation centralized in the other lane, the 15/33.

The use of the international airport as a circuit does not result in a problem for air traffic, since its operation still has a lot of idleness, in addition to the airport’s own design allowing the race to take place without interference between the runways and takeoffs. From the point of view of risks, for an event like this to be carried out, the administrator must submit a Risk Assessment to ANAC. Among the actions to be taken on these occasions is the isolation of the event area from the rest of the airport.

Airport car racing is nothing new in the world. In Formula Indy, for example, Cleveland airport used to host one of the stages, producing beautiful images of cars racing with aircraft passing in the background. In Brazil, in turn, there is no history of races of this magnitude at major international airports, but other smaller drag events have used airports as a backdrop, taking advantage of the length and width of the runway.

Check out the circuit layout below, in orange. The area painted pink is the one that will remain active for aircraft movement.