Geisy Arruda and Woman Melon use secret techniques to become millionaires

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Some celebrities found quick ways to become millionaires in a short period of time, the pandemic that devastated Brazil and the world made many famous people and celebrities reinvent themselves, that’s what made the Melon woman and digital influence Geisy Arruda.

For readers who don’t know what they have in common, Tecno Notícias will tell you, in addition to being famous and having millions of followers spread over the internet, both Geisy Arruda and Mulher Melão are millionaires.

That’s right, in the case of Mulher Melão, according to her testimony, she would have earned one million reais in four months on the video platform OnlyFans, that is, a website that sold products for adults.

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Image: Instagram/Geisy Arruda

Digital influence Geisy Arruda joined the same line as Mulher Melão, she specialized in adult publishing, and today the blonde earns lots of money with her erotic storybooks.

Geisy Arruda has millions of followers on Instagram and these days he earns more money than many global artists, the Tech News released a super video of Geisy Arruda where she tells some secrets of her new release.

How the Melon Woman got rich with the app: Tips and secrets

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