Globo is convicted of humiliating couple on Valentine’s Day at Mais Você

The episode that took place on June 12, 2019, in the program “Mais Você”, caused Globo a loss of R$ 10 thousand in compensation for moral damages, for having humiliated a couple in a surprise romantic dinner.

The amount must be paid to Nicole Cristine Leal from France. At the time of dinner, she was detonated on the internet after not reacting well to the surprise prepared by her boyfriend during the program.

To the Justice of Rio, Nicole reported that she had personal and psychological damage after the painting went on air. She revealed in the process that she was approached by Globo’s production company on May 31, 2019 for the report, in which she accepted to participate, and recorded the program. However, she didn’t like the way the editing turned out when the frame went live.

Comments of her displeasure and surprise were placed, along with those of Ana Maria Braga about her bad mood, and anger emojis were added to make the situation worse.

That day, with the repercussions, Nicole used social networks to say that she was tired on the day of the surprise and that she overdid her treatment with her boyfriend. But it wasn’t enough and she ended up deleting social media when attacked.

She asked for R$50,000 in damages, but the judge decided that the station must pay her R$10,000. Nicole also asked that the report be taken off the air, and the request was also granted by the judge, who forbade Globo to rerun the episode.

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