Globo journalist says Bolsonaro promotes ‘ecological dismantling’ | celebrities

André Trigueiro on the JN bench

André Trigueiro on the JN bench

The journalist André Trigueiro, 55, criticized the way Jair Bolsonaro has been carrying out ecological policies last Saturday (05), at “Altas Horas”. In a conversation with Sérginho Groisman, the occasional presenter of the “Jornal Nacional” declared that the head of state is promoting a “dismantling of Brazilian ecology”.

“Brazil’s environmental problems come from afar, but I have to say that in the two years and eight months, with the current federal government, we have seen a systematic depredation of all the laws, rules, decrees that sought to somehow order the routines so that we don’t see what we’re seeing. We had tight inspections, we stopped applying environmental fines, deforestation has returned to 10,000 km² of area per year, this hasn’t happened for a decade. Burning is out of control. which I think the correct word is ‘dismount'”, the journalist said.

“This has a method, this has planning, it is not accidental, it is not a matter of chance. It is the first time in the history of Brazil, in my opinion, that we have witnessed an anti-environmental government. And this is regrettable, because for us to correct the going and repairing the damage we are witnessing today will take some time. I think we do not have the vocation for ecocide. Brazil has all the conditions, human and material resources, to be the protagonist of the world, the great leader in combat to global warming, the protection of forests, and the training of people who inspire the planet to make a difference”, completed Trigueiro. The edition of “Altas Horas” also featured the participation of Rebeca Andrade, Marcos Veras, Felipe Andreoli and Zeca Baleiro.