Graciele Lacerda says if she is pregnant with Zezé Di Camargo after fertilization

Digital influencer Graciele Lacerda talked about getting pregnant with singer Zezé Di Camargo after in vitro fertilization

the digital influencer Graciele Lacerda opened the game and told if she is pregnant with singer Zezé Di Camargo. They have already revealed that they are in the process of in vitro fertilization. As Zezé underwent a vasectomy many years ago, fertilization was the option the couple found to get pregnant.

Graciele Lacerda now she says she is not pregnant yet. However, she revealed that the couple’s baby will possibly arrive later this year! A netizen asked: “Is the baby coming this year yet?”. And Graciele replied: “God willing”.

She even talked about some of the care she is having before getting pregnant. Graciele spoke of a treatment she will undergo before she becomes pregnant. “I took the opportunity and went to Dr. André, who is an angiologist, to look at some very small vessels that I have that I wanted to do before getting pregnant because during pregnancy, several vessels always burst, and then we have already marked them to be able to do a laser in these my vases too, take care, right people? “.

Graciele Lacerda it also revealed that she has changed some of the supplements she takes with her nutritionist’s guidance. She did it just thinking about preparing her body for embryo implantation and pregnancy. “I already have a new strategy so as not to overload my body when I decide to implant it. So I went to get a collagen that wouldn’t overload my body too much. The other collagen I was taking has a lot of things that pregnant women can’t even get close to! So, since I’m doing a cleaning process, I have to be very careful with what I use, this collagen I’ll take until I get pregnant and when I get pregnant I won’t be able to do it anymore”, said the digital influencer.

The couple has their embryos ready and frozen. Now, the only step that is missing is precisely the implantation of the embryos so that Graciele becomes pregnant.

Graciele Lacerda revealed when she will get pregnant

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