Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita pose together with their children and she declares herself

Model Andressa Suita and singer Gusttavo Lima appeared together with their children to celebrate his birthday

The singer Gusttavo Lima and the model Andressa Suita showed that they go together more than ever! Although they have not yet officially confirmed the reconciliation of the marriage, they no longer hide that they are together again and thank you very much.

Now, the model showed a beautiful surprise that she and her children made for Gusttavo Lima on the 32nd birthday of the sertanejo. To celebrate the date, the model decided to surprise her lover with the help of her children Gabriel, four years old, and Samuel, three years old.

Andressa Suita gave each of the children a cupcake and put a candle on each of them. She then entered her room with Gusttavo and the boys and Andressa woke up the singer singing Happy Birthday. “Dad closes your eyes! Congratulations to you, on this dear date, best wishes, many years of life!”, said the little ones as they entered the suite of the singer’s mansion with their surprise.
Just before, little Samuel even tried to erase his old lady on his own. But Andressa quickly explained to the boy: “It’s not you who blows! It’s Daddy! Take it to daddy”.

Andressa Suita still declared to Gusttavo Lima saying: “It is thrilling how much love! Happy Birthday! We love you!”.
Netizens were just praise for the surprise that Andressa and her children made for the singer. “What cute little ones doing a surprise for daddy!”, commented a netizen. And another netizen also said: “Oh my God, how beautiful…. Surprising Dad. This mom doesn’t leave a date without honor! Congratulations Gusttavo on his birthday and everyone involved in this beautiful surprise”.

And an internet user also stated: “Happy birthday Gustavo! I believe there is no greater happiness to see this tribute from the children, very beautiful”. Another internet user also stated: “Oh my God, what a beautiful gesture! Best wishes to you ambassador”.

Gusttavo Lima's children making their father's birthday surprise

Gusttavo Lima receiving the surprise of his children and Andressa Suita

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