Gusttavo Lima plays diamond necklace for fans. see jewel

Andressa Suita declared on Gusttavo Lima’s birthday

After spending time away from home for his performances in the United States, Gusttavo Lima was warmly received by Andressa Suita, who also declared herself on the singer’s 32nd birthday. “Today these little ones got up early to congratulate their daddy,” said the model, showing her children Gabriel and Samuel, aged 4 and 3, respectively, going to congratulate their famous dad.

In the video, Andressa and the boys appear breaking into the artist’s room early in the morning. In the caption of the images, the brunette declares: “Happy birthday. We love you, Gusttavo Lima”.

After her husband left for the United States alone, Andressa reassured the couple’s fans, who have avoided exposing her personal life on the web. “Calm down, guys! They didn’t give the boys visas. Then the mother will stay with them for the father to go to work. No biggie,” he explained. And he stated: “And I would never leave my children for 20 days. Be in peace. It’s okay!”

Gusttavo Lima raised ‘historic fortune’ in concert

According to columnist Léo Dias, in just one show, that of recording the DVD in Boston, Gusttavo Lima raised no less than US$ 800 thousand, equivalent to R$ 4.2 million, at the current rate of the dollar. Also according to the journalist from “Metrópoles”, this is the highest ever collected by a musician in history, both in the US and in Brazil.

Before the millionaire show, however, Gusttavo Lima faced a setback during his show in Orlando, also in the United States. The performance had to be stopped before the end by the police because of several fights among the audience, as many people were trying to enter the VIP area.