“I almost died”, says Luiza Ambiel about Record TV’s new reality show

After Casa dos Artistas 3, Fazenda 12 and Made in Japan, Luiza Ambiel returns to star in a reality show next Sunday (12/9). In Famosos em Apuros, the eternal muse of the Bath of Gugu will face her own fears and overcome countless troubles caused by the production. The painting is part of Hora do Faro.

The Leo Dias column found that the recordings took place in Bertioga, on the north coast of São Paulo, and lasted four days. Despite the reduced time of confinement, Luiza Ambiel says that this was the most difficult reality show she has ever participated in. “I thought: oh, it’s only four days, great! But it’s been four days of hunger, cold, thirst, sleep, forest, very cold water! It was the hardest thing I’ve done, for sure!”, he says.

Among the worst moments experienced during the recordings, Luiza Ambiel remembers when she had to face one of her biggest fears to enter a mangrove full of crabs. The actress, who is terrified of spiders, claims to have spotted one. And she got sick, she was so nervous. “I almost died, I don’t even like to remember. It was my terror,” he says.

In reality, the three celebrities need to fulfill tasks that require strength and agility. And the pace was so intense that Luiza almost asked to leave: “I had the option of extinguishing the torch. If I blacked out, I was gone. Twice I thought about erasing”. But the torch has not been extinguished. And the reason is the prize at stake, in the amount of R$30,000, which the public will be able to give to their famous favorite.

Tests, prizes, challenges…ok! The recipe for a good reality show is almost complete. But there is an ingredient that is very dear to the public: bullshit! And if you’re a fan of a good shack, don’t miss it by waiting. “It was tense! Li and I, we had big ugly, horrible fights”, reveals Luiza, without giving too many spoilers.

During the conversation with the column, Luiza jokes and says that, after this experience, she will retire from realities. But soon he laughs and completes: “Retire nothing! I would still do it at the BBB if they called me! I was going to set that thing on fire there!”.

Does anyone doubt?