Inter wants to hear Guerrero’s plans and aims to ‘adapt’ to renew

Internacional intends to renew Paolo Guerrero’s bond, which expires at the end of this year. But a stronger push for this will depend on a conversation with the player and his staff to hear their plans for the future. If he wants to stay in Beira-Rio, the Peruvian will need to adapt to the new financial reality of the club, which has measured its expenses to recover from the crisis.

Guerrero was hired in 2018. At the time, Inter had a different spending policy. Higher investments, robust salaries, values ​​that today are not part of the red routine were commonplace in the signed agreements.

The 37-year-old centre-forward has one of the highest salaries of the group of players and such amounts will have to be reduced in case of permanence.

The matter is handled calmly behind the scenes at the club. The conversations started some time ago, without the need for an immediate conclusion. The subject should intensify from the next few weeks.

Before getting into the financial topic, Colorado wants to hear from Guerrero what his plans are for the future. The player, this year, has already tried to leave the club, sought to terminate his contract, but ended up staying and was again tapped on the field.

The environment has changed a lot since the moment of rupture. Guerrero has recovered from injury, has reconnected with technical command and management, is now being used frequently and is fully integrated into Diego Aguirre’s plans. And that can weigh on the decision to stay.

According to the UOL Sport, the player has not yet defined what he will do in 2022. And the progress of this conversation will start from exactly what he chooses to go forward.

Guerrero is with the Peruvian team, which competes in the next World Cup qualifiers. On Thursday, he was on the field for 90 minutes in the 1-1 draw with Uruguay and assisted Renato Tapia’s goal.