‘It’s the type that sucks everything out of a woman,’ says ex-affair of boyfriend of Jojo Todynho | Fabia Oliveira

Marcio Felipe, Jojo Todynho's new boyfriend

Marcio Felipe, Jojo Todynho’s new boyfriend

This humble columnist had already sung the ball that Jojo Todynho had a new boyfriend and that the young man was Marcio Felipe from Bahia. Well, an ex-girlfriend of the owner of a multibrand clothing store got in touch with the assistant on duty column, this Saturday (4), to tell a few things about the boy. The office assistant, who preferred not to reveal her name, showed prints of conversations, photos and some proof that the two lived together for a year in the West Zone of Rio. She also said that the two ended up due to betrayals by Marcio

“He lived in my house, never paid any expenses and cheated on me in many ways. He’s the kind of man who leans on a woman and sucks everything. A man who sucks everything from a woman. Sucks financially and psychologically his partner. And it wasn’t just me, no. I’ve heard from other women that he used the same scam: he borrows money here, he borrows it there and says he’s going to pay it, but he doesn’t. my name because people will criticize me, they’ll call me names and say it’s repression. It’s not. My intention is to alert Jojo Todynho, who seems to be an amazing woman. Friend, run because she’s bored,” she told the column.

The office assistant also said that she is sure that other women must have already gone to talk to Jojo about Marcio Felipe. “Many girls were victims of this guy. I’m sure Jojo must already know some things,” he predicted.

Strangely, Marcio Felipe made an outburst this Saturday afternoon (4). “Human being is very dirty, right? My God… Be careful what you say about others,” he wrote on Instagram, but deleted it right away. Earlier, a manicurist, named Izabelle Branquinho, used social media to reveal that she was also having an affair with Marcio Felipe for a month and a half. “The biggest focus here is him, not her. She’s a f$#@ woman, and I didn’t want her to go through that,” he commented. The manicurist also exhibited prints of the WhatsApp conversations she had with Marcio after discovering his romance with Jojo.