‘José, it’s heavy’, says Virgínia Fonseca when talking about sex life with Zé Felipe | Fun

Zé Felipe and Virgínia reveal details about sex lifeREPRODUCTION/YOUTUBE

Posted 04/09/2021 20:52 | Updated 09/04/2021 20:53

Singer Zé Felipe and his wife, the influencer Virgínia Fonseca, participated in videos by youtuber Matheu Mazzafera, in which they made confessions about the couple’s sex life.

When asked about the existence of an intimate nickname, the couple soon amended with a conversation about spicier moments. The singer said that between four walls it goes from slapping, hanging and even stomp on the head. Laughing, Virginia tried to cut her husband off and said, “José, it’s heavy, José.” “There has to be, right?”, said Zé Felipe.

“I hope my mother doesn’t see it”, Virginia joked, while her husband said: “That sniffle like that…”.

YouTuber got into the subject and, to joke with the guest, also revealed a recent experience: “I’ve never been stepped on the head. Don’t judge my tastes, not that you have yours too”.

The couple also stated that between choosing “sweetheart” or “wild”, they prefer to stay with both. And even said they are not sure about the maximum number of times they have had sex in a day, staying three or four times.

Zé Felipe and Virgínia also confessed that the first time between the two of them happened right after they had their first kiss. However, they are not sure how long it took them. Zé Felipe believes they took about 30 minutes, while Virgínia thinks they took a little longer, around two hours.