Juju Salimeni and Helisson Dias are no longer dating

Juju Salimeni and Helisson Dias ended the relationship again, about just two months after they halted the reconciliation. The businessman made the announcement on his social networks this Saturday afternoon (4).

“I communicate that my relationship with Juliana has come to an end. It was two, three years of many joys, familiarity, complicity, friendship, learning, loyalty and partnership! I take the great experience and learning of what it is to love a woman completely, where I was able to donate my 1,000%!”, he started.

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“Our relationship was 99% happy, perfect energies when we were together and everything we left exposed (even little) on the networks. However, we reached a common denominator for something more, so that she can be even happier in greater horizons, that she can still ‘find herself’ in the greater success of happiness”, declared the now ex-boyfriend of Juju Salimeni. In the sequence, Helisson Dias tore up praise for the 34-year-old fitness muse.

“We had beautiful moments and I hope to God that Juliana is even happier. She is exactly what I have always demonstrated, written and said: an incredible woman, who I will be very proud to be able to take with me for the rest of my life. That I shared unique moments with you. We end up respecting and rooting for each other, relying on the greatest foundation of all: integrity for everything, we live together”, he said.

Finally, the manager advised fans to continue ‘believing in love’. “Continue to believe in love, because nothing explains feeling complete and happy to see each other smile! God is love”, he pointed out. They had made the relationship official at the end of 2019, months after the announcement of the divorce between the influencer and bodybuilder Felipe Franco, with whom she was together for 14 years.

Juju Salimeni and Helisson Dias (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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