Learn all about A Fazenda pre-confinement

The pre-confinement of A Fazenda 13 began this Friday (3/9), in a hotel located in Taboão da Serra (SP), and the column got photos and extra information about what pedestrians can do during this period.

The 20 celebrities selected for the reality show and the reservations for this edition are already at the hotel. With cell phones, sex toys and everything we’ve counted on before.


What not everyone knows is that room service is free and they can order whatever they want at any time. In other words: they don’t even need to spend the fee! Record will pay R$ 80 thousand for the permanent cast and R$ 20 thousand for the Farm 13 reserves.

The hotel chosen by Record to house pedestrians has a minimum daily rate of R$ 230, but they cannot use the common areas, so that no guest can find out who will be on the reality show. The idea of ​​production is also to prevent the confined people from having contact with each other.

A source in the column said that some famous people have already ordered alcoholic drinks at the entrance. Arcrebiano Araújo preferred to remain sober, who is following his diet to the letter. The ex-BBB 21 and ex-No Limite is with an arsenal of supplements that would make Gracyanne Barbosa proud.

Before pre-confinement, pedestrians took the Covid-19 test and will repeat the exam next Thursday (09/09). In this way, the result comes out until Sunday (12/9), when the participants enter the official headquarters of the reality show, in Itapecerica da Serra.