Leopoldina opens her mouth after catching a kiss between Pedro and Luísa · TV News

Dom Pedro 2º (Selton Mello) and Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) will be careless and will be caught kissing by Leopoldina (Melissa Nóbrega) in Nos Tempos do Imperador. The princess will be shocked by her father’s betrayal and will tell Teresa Cristina (Leticia Sabatella) everything she saw in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

In the serial by Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão, the girl will open her mouth and report what happened to her mother. “I saw Daddy and she… Kissing in the garden”, will affirm Isabel’s sister (Any Maia). “Did you see Pedro and the countess kissing?” the empress will ask.

The princess of Naples will question whether the youngest said anything to her sister, and the child will deny it. “This cannot leave here. It will be our secret. Promise me that you will not tell anyone else. That you will forget this story,” the monarch will plead.

“Forget? Don’t you mind? Daddy…”, will release the character of Melissa Nóbrega. “I care about our family,” retorts Celestina’s confidant (Bel Kutner).

The princess will say that she doesn’t want to have more lessons with Luísa, but the empress will emphasize that her daughter must act as if nothing had happened so as not to arouse suspicion. She will even claim that it is important for the princess to have a good education.

“I’m succeeding. I’m even putting up with seeing you and Isabel move away from me and get closer and closer to her,” Teresa vents. “Forgive me, Mom,” Leopoldina will say. “I’ve forgiven you, my love. Now you have to be strong and you need to help me. You have to keep a secret about what you saw”, will insist the character of Leticia Sabatella.

The only new Globo soap opera on the air, Nos Tempos do Imperador takes place around 40 years after the events of Novo Mundo (2017). In addition to the spoilers, the TV news also daily publishes the summaries of the six o’clock soap opera.

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