‘Liar result’, says Felipe Conceição after Remo defeat by Botafogo

O rowing reached the third game without winning in the Brasileirão Series B. On Saturday night, 4, the Lion was unable to break the blockade of the Botafogo and ended up defeated 1-0 at Estádio Banpará Baenão. Despite the defeat, the Azulina team remains in 12th place in the competition.

After the final whistle of the game, the coach Philip Conception analyzed the result of the match as “a liar”. For him, Remo had control of the match while Botafogo created little in a goal situation. However, he highlighted the “happiness” of the Rio team to convert the chance he had and leave with the victory.

It was a false result, but in football it happens. On the other side, there was also an effort to win the match and they were happy to hit the only ball they had in the second half. In the first half I remember only one defense by Vinicius. I don’t even know if that was it. Anyway. We control the game and unfortunately football has these things. It is important to think about the process, what we are presenting today, because against Vitória it has to be from there,” he said.

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Despite the negative result, Felipe Conceição approved Remo’s performance during the 90 minutes. The Azulino coach defined as “normal” the changes in the team due to suspension or injury and said that everyone managed to overcome the difficulties to face Botafogo.

“It’s normal, in this rotation (of players), for us to feel, not to have a team sequence. Some athletes were acting and today, for example, we played with Marlon in the defense, and he did well, anyway. The week was very fruitful, despite all these obstacles. Today we demonstrate a beautiful football. What we really lacked was effectiveness. Botafogo, in a ball they had, scored the goal. These are football things”, he concluded.

This Sunday, the 5th, the Azulino squad will take time off and return to training only on Monday, 6th, at 9am at the club’s CT, in the District of Outeiro. Next Friday, the 10th, Leão from Pará will face Leão from Bahia, Vitória, at 7:00 pm, in Salvador, at Estádio do Barradão.