Lineups suggest small tests at Palmeiras in home practice game – 09/04/2021

To keep the pace of the players, who will only return to the field on the 12th, against Flamengo, at Allianz Parque, Palmeiras promoted a training game with its squad, with the right to uniforms and captains’ sashes, this Saturday (4) .

It is clear that without watching the movement it is not possible to believe that the players obeyed the positions as disclosed. But judging by the squads released by the club, the work also served for Abel Ferreira to make some small observations.

The team that wore the white uniform was formed with Jailson; Mayke, Felipe Melo, Luan and Victor Luís (Marcos Rocha); Gabriel Menino, Zé Rafael (Danilo) and Gustavo Scarpa (captain); Gabriel Veron, Willian and Luiz Adriano.

In the setup published by the club’s official website, Gabriel Menino appears as the first midfielder, a position that makes sense, judging by his fellow players, Zé Rafael and Scarpa. He was not chosen as such by Abel Ferreira in any official appointment.

In the second stage, with Danilo replacing Zé Rafael, it is likely that Menino played closer to the attack.

The green team had Mateus Oliveira; Breno Lopes, Danilo Barbosa (Michel), Kuscevic and Renan; Matheus Fernandes, Patrick de Paula and Dudu (Raphael Veiga); Ron, Wesley and Deyverson, the captain.

This lineup presupposes Breno as a right wing — he has played in that role before, but from the other side of the field. Danilo Barbosa appears as a defender on the right, paired with Kuscevic. As a defender, with Abel, Barbosa only played in three-player lines at Palmeiras.

In attack, Ron played on the side of the field as Deyverson, his teammate on that team, only plays centrally. And since Wesley was also on that team, it’s easy to imagine that shirt 7 played for the right of attack.

Weverton, Gustavo Gómez and Piquerez, with their teams, did not participate in the activities. As well as Jorge, who is still working on his physical conditioning.