Lucas Lima on the bench and Gilberto off; see Fortaleza and Bahia lineups – 09/04/2021

Fortaleza visits Bahia today (4), at 9 pm, at the Pituaçu stadium, in Salvador, for the 19th round of the Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. While the team from Ceará is looking for the three points to finish the first round guaranteed in the G-4 of the table, the Steel Squadron tries to break the fast of eight matches without winning.

Bahia, coached by Dieho Dabove, has an important embezzlement. The center forward and top scorer Gilberto is out because of the third yellow card and Rodallega takes his place. In addition to shirt 9, Indio Ramirez, Thonny Anderson and Ronaldo go through transition due to injury and also do not play.

The team goes to the field with Matheus Teixeira, Conti, Luiz Otávio, Nino Paraíba, Juninho Capixaba, Lucas Araújo, Daniel, Mugni, Rossi, Rodriguinho and Rodallega. The bank from Bahia will have Matheus Claus, Renan Guedes, Gustavo Henrique, Lucas Fonseca, Matheus Bahia, Raniele, Jonas, Patrick, Luizão, Galdezani, Oscar Ruiz and Maycon Douglas.

Coming from three straight draws in the league, two at home against Santos and Cuiabá, coach Juan Pablo Vojvoda has called Jackson in the defense in place of Marcelo Benevenuto, who is still in isolation for having acquired Covid-19 last weekend. Vojvoda also does not have defensive midfielder Felipe, suspended for the third yellow card, and Matheus Jussa was chosen in his place in the middle of the field.

Leão do Pici goes to the field with Marcelo Boeck, Tinga, Jackson, Titi, Éderson, Jussa, Lucas Crispim, Romarinho, Yago Pikachu, Henriquez and Robson. The reserves of the Ceará team are: Felipe Alves, Wellington Paulista, Osvaldo, Ronald, David, Edinho, Lucas Lima, Blanco, Bruno Melo, Depetri, Torres and Matheus Vagas.

With 33 points, Fortaleza occupies the 3rd position in the Serie A table and has the best campaign of a team from the Northeast in the era of consecutive points. The Bahia team, which has not won for eight games, occupies the 16th place, with 18 points, escaping from Z-4 by the criterion in the number of victories.