Luciano Huck will bet on Silvio Santos’ infallible idea to achieve a new Domingão; know how

Luciano Huck
Luciano Huck wants to copy Silvio Santos’ programs and give R$ 1 million to anonymous people on Domingão (Image: Reproduction – SBT – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Ready to debut in charge of Sunday from this sunday (5), Luciano Huck will give one of Silvio Santos and deliver R$ 1 million to the client of one of the sponsoring brands of Globo’s program.

Magalu, a partner in the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, is going to launch the Cashback do Milhão next Sunday, where it will give R$ 1 million to customers who bought products in its stores between September and November. Huck is in charge of the draw.

According to Notícias da TV, every week Domingão com Huck will raffle R$100,000, starting on the 12th. On December 3rd, the presenter will deliver the biggest prize live. In the action, the company will disclose MagaluPay, the group’s payment application launched in June.

Prizes will be placed on the customer’s MagaluPay digital account. In addition to the announcement of the R$ 1 million prize tomorrow, Globo will show a film of the advertising campaign on open TV and on pay TV channels.

Luciano Huck will bet on the family footprint in the new phase of Domingão. “I value my family a lot, so I also value the moment when people are on the other side of the screen together with their families. Therefore, we will have a happy, fun, humorous program, but one that is not shy of being a space to contribute to the construction of a better future”, he stated.

“I think life is made in cycles. So, you need to have the wisdom to open, to see and to close the cycles with the best you can give in each one of them. The Caldeirão cycle was 21 years very well lived, that do not come back, but that are kept in memory and fulfilled a chapter in the history of television in a very powerful and affective way for me”, he explained.

Asked what the Domingão with Huck will have as Luciano Huck’s trademark, he replied: “I think it starts with the name. Being Domingão with Huck and not Huck’s was a thoughtful decision… I didn’t want it to be my program. It’s our program, a program with Luciano, Laura, Barbara, João, Ana, everyone. It’s a program made for people to see themselves in it. The main protagonists of Domingão will be Brazilians in all their parts of the country”.

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