Manufacturers must update phones for 7 years, predicts Germany

Germany’s federal government, in negotiations with the European Union Commission, expects cellphone manufacturers to make security updates available for seven years. The strictest measure is intended to benefit environmental regulations. According to a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Economy, replacement parts must also be provided at a “reasonable” price.

The demand, if imposed, would require the obligation to update the software and replace parts for a smartphone for five years. For tablets, this period goes up to six years. In the report, published by C’t, it is mentioned that manufacturers must also publish prices for replacement parts, but that they cannot increase them in the future.

Still on the pieces, the federal government aims that they must be delivered to the consumer, when requested, in a maximum of five days.

On the other hand, DigitalEurope, which represents companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei, is showing resistance. In response, the industry advocacy group advocates a maximum upgrade period for three years, and replacement parts for two years.

On specific components, the group informs that manufacturers must replace screens and batteries only. Other components such as cameras, microphones, speakers and connectors would be left out because of the difficulty of failing. The EU proposal aims to enter into force in 2023.