Marcos Mion debuts at Caldeirão with emotion and Leifert’s ‘piseiro’

Marcos Mion’s debut in “Caldeirão” earned praise from the famous and the public. In addition to the presence of guests and musical attractions, the program had the emotion and excitement of the presenter.

Mion did not cry, but was visibly moved after receiving praise from Tiago Leifert and Ana Furtado. The two won the painting “Sobe o Som” against Ramon.

The presenter of “BBB” confessed that he hoped that the station would hire the former commander of “A Fazenda”. “I advocated your cause,” he joked. Afterwards, he also danced the “piseiro” alongside the other guests.

This to Globo Mostra

As a result, “Caldeirão” promoted the premiere of the picture “Iso a Globo shows”, a format very similar to the jokes made by the presenter while still on MTV.

Showing old videos stored in Globo’s archives, Mion showed an old report by Fátima Bernardes, a scene in which Tony Ramos appears without clothes and Ana Maria Braga’s unexpected praise for presenter Thiago Oliveira in “Mais Você”.

Relaxed chat with guests

Before, Mion’s relaxed conversation with Juliana Paes and Paulo Vieira also caught the public’s attention. Soon after announcing the actress, the presenter said that she keeps her first bra.

Following the frame “Has it or not”, which continued at Caldeirão after Huck left, the trio commented on sex and even talked about “itching in the bag” during the program.

musical attractions

Barões da Pisadinha, Mumuzinho and Ana Vitória were among the musical attractions invited for the debut of Marcos Mion. But to the audience’s surprise, Gretchen also sang on the show’s stage.

During “Sobe o Som”, Larissa Manoela hit the song “Conga, Conga, Conga”, one of the great hits of the singer, beloved by the public on the internet.

‘License’ from Huck

Right at the beginning of the program, Marcos Mion made a point of remembering the importance of Luciano Huck, who presented Globo’s Saturday attraction for 20 years.

Asking permission from a guy who has supported me since the beginning of my career. It is an honor to have your blessing and carry on your legacy. I hope to do a good job.
Marcos Mion