Marcos Mion is surprised by a message from Neymar at Caldeirão

This Saturday afternoon (4), Marcos Mion was in charge of the Caldeirão on TV Globo, leaving the audience completely excited about this long-awaited moment. And some surprises happened for the presenter and the audience.

At first, the presenter made a point of remembering his career on television, going through a series on TV Globo, in addition to his programs on Band, MTV and Record TV. However, some situations of colleagues ended up drawing attention, such as the message Mion received from player Neymar.

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“Looks like they sent a message to me, is that true?”, asked the presenter. “Speak up, Mion! Alright? I’m stopping by to give you a hug, I know what it’s like to sweat in life every day, looking for our goals…”, began by saying the player Neymar, who surprised Marcos.

“I want to wish you the greatest success in the world, all the best in your life, may God bless you and protect you always. Warrior success, we are together!”, continued the player, leaving Marcos Mion excited with the message he received. “We are together, Ney! This guy is amazing, may God keep blessing you”, said the presenter.