Marcos Mion reveals details of his debut on Globo: move to Miami, invitation to Joelma and spoiler with Juliette | cauldron

Mionzera recalled that he almost left Brazil for the United States before signing his new contract, revealed that he tried to have joelma at the premiere and gave spoiler about the next program. That’s what we like, right?

Marcos Mion considered moving to Miami before signing with Globo — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Upon seeing Carolina Dieckmann on the broadcast, Mion said the actress almost convinced his wife, Suzana Gullo, moving his family to Miami. But he felt like he needed to stay here a little longer because he felt something was going to happen.

Lucky Hair Beats! 💃💃💃

Joelma — Photo: Disclosure

The presenter revealed having invited Joelma to the Caldeirão premiere:

“But she didn’t have a date. Joelma will always be on my premieres and is on the second show. She’s the queen of the stage I’m on.”

Marcos Mion talks about his debut in 'Caldeirão'

Marcos Mion talks about his debut in ‘Caldeirão’

Like Diekcmann, André Marques stopped by to congratulate Mion on his debut, who has already sent an invitation:

“I went to É de Casa, now you have to go to ‘Caldeirão’. I’ll receive there so we can laugh like hell. We’ll have a lot of fun. Andrezão said it’s already scheduled,” says Mion.

Will there be Pitica? ⭐⭐⭐

Juliette reveals the debut date of her first EP — Photo: Instagram Reproduction

Mion said that Juliette should soon be on the Cauldron stage after persistent questions from netizens.

“We are going to find a way to put Juliette in the second program. She has a very complicated schedule, a rush”, he explained.

Consume dream! 🤩🤩🤩

Mion wants Tony Ramos at Caldeirão — Photo: Globo

In the premiere, Mion used the collection from Globe to have Tony Ramos on the show, but the actor remains the presenter’s consumption dream:

“Will Tony Ramos one day go?”, he asked when asking about who he would like to receive in the attraction.

Debut with the family at home ❤❤❤❤

At the debut of the new Caldeirão, Marcos Mion thanks Luciano Huck — Photo: Globo

Mion said that he did not watch the finalized program and gathered his family and part of the team to follow, along with the public, his debut on Globo.

“This premiere situation is too good. On TV, we spend a lot of time doing it, so there are few premieres. It’s not like the theater.”

Race against time ⏰⏰⏰

Marcos Mion debuts with a look valued at around 20 thousand reais — Photo: Globo/ João Cotta

The presenter also said that he had little time between signing the contract and the first day of recording, but he was overjoyed with the result:

“I didn’t have time for anything, not even time for rehearsal. It was a very crazy race, but it was awesome. I really like this kind of challenge.”

Papito is on! 📱📱📱

Marcos Mion received Juliana Paes in her first ‘Caldeirão’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Mion said she gave her all when she stepped onstage and that her excitement ended up causing a lot of work to edit the show. He recorded around 1:40 am to show only half an hour of the painting “Tem ou Não Tem” which featured Juliana Paes and Paulo Vieira.

“I was trying to show what I came for. Everything that happened I surrendered, squeezed until it was funny and had your story. The problem was to edit”.

Marcos Mion received Tiago Leifert at ‘Caldeirão’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“The BBB doesn’t exist without Tiago Leifert. He’s the best presenter possible for the BBB, he’s unbeatable.”

“I’m where I want to be, I became a reality presenter, but I’m a stage presenter, in an auditorium”.

Request to the public🙏🙏🙏

Marcos Mion debuts with a look valued at around 20 thousand reais — Photo: Globo/ João Cotta

“Fulfill that dream with me.”

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