Mauro Cezar analyses: Messi and CR7 still have the breath for the best in the world? – 09/04/2021

Owners of 11 best in the world awards in the last two decades, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo changed their air and started a new story in other clubs: the Argentine joined Neymar and Mbappé at PSG and CR7 returned to Manchester United. Will the new teams still have the breath to win more golden balls? Mauro Cezar analyzed the theme in the painting “Fala, Maurão”.

For the columnist of UOL Esporte, Cristiano Ronaldo showed, with the turn on Ireland, which remains impossible, now in the center forward position. In relation to Messi, the journalist stated that “you can never doubt”.

“Cristiano Ronaldo showed that, as a centre-forward, he is still lethal. Portugal’s comeback against Ireland reinforced that thesis and showed that he remains impossible. And, for Messi, we can’t doubt it. He’s done a lot for Barcelona in recent seasons, even playing in Weak teams. He carried the team many times on his back,” says Mauro Cezar from the 2m21s of the video above.

The journalist also makes a brief assessment of the path that the two have chosen in their career, starting with CR7: “The two assume positions in new clubs. In the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, a new old club, as it returns after a decade. He returns with the mission of putting the team back on the path of victories. The English title has not been won since the retirement of Alex Ferguson, the one who took Cristiano Ronaldo to United as a boy.”

“Messi leaves Barcelona in a very unwilling situation, but he arrives at PSG who have everything to win the French Championship and have the challenge of winning the Champions League. it is a guarantee of nothing. The machine must work with the parts that were made available to it,” he adds.

Finally, Mauro Cezar comments on the favoritism of the teams in the Champions League: “Some teams are well assembled. Bayern are still strong, Chelsea are strengthened, and Manchester United, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Sancho, collide, in my opinion, precisely in the limitation of your technician [Solskjaer], who until today has not justified himself as the coach of such a gigantic team”.