Mazepin accuses Schumacher of messing around on purpose: “I’m pissed off”

Nicholas Latifi hit hard at the end of Q2 (Video: Playback/TV)

The mood returns to one of enmity at Haas. Nikita Mazepin did not mince words when complaining about Mick Schumacher, accused of acting in bad faith in the final moments of Q1 this Saturday (4) in Zandvoort. According to the Russian, the German deliberately tried to disrupt the last quick lap attempt by causing traffic problems.

Mazepin’s accusation is that Schumacher did not respect the order of the cars on the track, overtaking to get ahead before the fast lap. The Russian tried to answer but ended up almost causing an accident that would also involve Sebastian Vettel.

“I am very angry, being frank,” Mazepin said. “It shouldn’t be that hard with the traffic issue. The rules of an F1 team say that one weekend you are first on the track, the next you are second. This weekend it was my turn to be the first car. Once, in Imola, I was the second car and I passed the first. I took a piss from the team. This is the second time my buddy has passed me and throws me into traffic, purposely fucking my ranking lap,” he fired.

Vettel had to dodge Mazepin at the end of Q1 (Photo: Playback/F1 TV)

“I’m not happy. If you do something once without knowing it, that’s fine. If you do two, it’s on purpose. We shouldn’t have such tension in the team and I’m pissed off,” he continued.

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Schumacher was confused by the situation. The German did not understand Mazepin’s criticisms and decided to wait for a meeting with the Haas leadership.

“I don’t know what Nikita is talking about,” Schumacher defended himself. “I think his team didn’t get the message across. I asked if I could overtake because my tires were cold and he [Mazepin] usually makes the exit lap of the pits more slowly. I got the ‘ok’ and went over. I think Lando [Norris] was between us and I see no reason to create drama on top of it. His return was not ruined. Let’s discuss this internally and Guenther [Steiner, chefe de equipe] will say something. I don’t think we did anything wrong,” he continued.

With laps impaired, none of the three made it to Q2. But the big victim was Sebastian Vettel, who in free practice showed rhythm to fight for Q3. The four-time champion was the 17th, with Schumacher in 19th and Mazepin in 20th. The test direction came to investigate the bid, but concluded that there were no culprits.

Formula 1 picks up speed again this Saturday in Zandvoort for a very busy day. At 7am (Brasilia, GMT-3), the circuit will stage free practice 3, while the classification takes place at 10am. O BIG PRIZE follows everything LIVE and in REAL TIME.