MIUI Pure Mode: Xiaomi’s interface can gain special mode to prevent malicious apps

MIUI was Xiaomi’s first product — it was through it that the company embarked on the smartphone segment and then ventured into several other niches, so the Chinese pays special attention (or at least should have) to your Android skin.

The latest versions of the system, MIUI 12.5 and 12.5 Enhanced Edition are still gradually arriving in global editions of cell phones from Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco, and meanwhile, the manufacturer is preparing news for the next big update.

Yes, we are talking about MIUI 13, which should be presented in June of next year. The upcoming version has its development placed in the hands of a special team at Xiaomi, in charge of collecting User Feedback and implementing useful and necessary suggestions in the system for a better user experience.

And part of these, focusing on a feature called MIUI Pure Mode, may arrive via an internal test build soon. As its name suggests, it would focus on preventing the installation of malicious Android apps.

In this way, the Chinese would already solve at least part of the security concerns associated with malicious apps — according to Xiaomi’s own numbers, around 40% of apps installed using the standard MIUI installer did not pass the company’s own security verification.

And of those, about 10% have, at one time or another, been recognized as a security risk in checks. Pure Mode plans to address the issue disabling APK sideloading by default, as well as installing apps without the user’s consent (those that occur in the background).

The good news is that, from the looks of it, the novelty is just a setting that any user can freely disable to go back to sideloading if they so choose.