roberto jefferson

Roberto Jefferson| Photo: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil

Minister Alexandre de Moraes, from the Supreme Federal Court (STF), authorized, this Saturday (4), the former national president of the PTB Roberto Jefferson to leave prison for medical treatment. However, the preventive detention of the former parliamentarian is maintained. Jefferson can only leave prison to go to the hospital, and obeying a series of precautionary measures: in addition to being submitted to electronic monitoring, he is prohibited from receiving visits without authorization from the Court, with the exception of his family members; may not have access to or contact with those investigated in inquiries about false news; will not be able to use social networks or through its assistance and will not be able to grant interviews.

The minister’s decision comes after the information presented by the State Secretariat of Penitentiary Administration of the State of Rio de Janeiro, pointing out that the medical treatment received at the penitentiary hospital would be insufficient. In a report, signed by the doctor Itauan Vieira Espínola, the former parliamentarian arrested on August 13 is suffering from a urinary tract infection and complaining of lower back pain. “Considering the Defense’s allegations in relation to the prisoner’s health condition and verifying the need for medical treatment outside the prison (…), I see it being possible to authorize the custodian’s departure”, wrote the minister. The information is from the G1 portal.