“Nadja that splinters”, says Pyong in the final stretch of “Ilha Record”

There are only a few days to the final of “Ilha Record” and it seems that now it’s every man for himself! Pyong Lee, for example, already warned that their alliances ended — including with Nadja person: “I want you to get splintered”, said the illusionist last Friday (2).

(Photo: Record TV)

the arrival of Laura Keller in the village marked the semifinal of the reality show. She won Mirella in the Survival Challenge and continues in the dispute for the prize of R$ 500 thousand. Nadja person, in turn, announced that she will now play alone and received a response to Pyong.

But calm down, everything was in jest… At least until now. “We are no longer allies. Each one for himself”, he warned Naja. “Now the allies are gone.”

Nadja that splinters, is now my opponent. You can all go into exile”, he fired Pyong.

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Ilha Record: understand how the final of the reality show will work

After many challenges, it’s time to say goodbye to the first season of “Island Record“. The final of the program will be at September 9th and live! But, until then, many things will still happen, such as the last proof responsible for revealing the finalists of the competition. So, so you don’t miss anything, the POPline tells you everything.

During last Thursday’s program (2), Sabrina Sato revealed some details. besides the last Survival Challenge, we will still see participants enjoying the last party of the season, which will air this Saturday (4). After that, on Monday (6), there will be a final test, responsible for defining the two finalists of “Ilha Record”. Voting for the award of BRL 250 thousand will also be open on this day.

“Next week will be special and decisive: on Saturday there is the last party of the season, on Monday we will have a special test that will decide who will be the top finalists who will go to the island in search of the treasure. In addition, we are going to open up public voting to define who should take the R$ 250,000″, he declared Sabrina.

The final of the program will take place on Thursday (9) and live! The two finalists will meet on the island to go after the treasure. “On September 9th we will have the big finale of the season live, bringing all 13 explorers together to find out who will take the R$250 thousand prize and also who will be the grand champion of the season taking the R$500,000 home”, added the presenter.

That is, on Thursday (9) we will find out who will win the awards for BRL 500 thousand and BRL 250 thousand, which will be defined by the public. It is worth remembering that all explorers compete for the second prize, including participants who finished in the Exile.

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