Neto makes fun of Neymar’s physicist and compares him to the character of ‘Avenida Brasil’

TV Band presenter and commentator, Neto made fun of Neymar’s physical form, a subject that reverberated after some photos of the player during Brazil’s 1-0 victory over Chile, in the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. stated that the PSG forward is ‘fat’ and that he could put his finger on the athlete’s navel.

The former player also made a montage in which he compared Neymar, on vacation, to the character Leleco, played by actor Marcos Caruso in the soap opera “Avenida Brasil”, shown by TV Globo.

“He’s a phenomenon, I have no doubt about that. Now, to say that he came in with the G shirt, which is bigger? Just get the pictures. Oh, Neymar, how are you not fat, man? But you can, it stayed a while on vacation. Look at your belly button! My finger fits in your belly button, but what’s the problem? You’re a monster, Neymar, but you’re fat, you’re out of shape,” said Neto, in today’s “Os Donos da Bola” .

“Why did he put the guy to play, why not take out Neymar? Take out Gabigol. How does he take out Gabigol? (…) The Brazilian team today is Neymar. Everything is Neymar. Look at Leleco there,” he criticized the host

Neto also said that, even so, Neymar plays better than the rest of the team.

“And you’re fat, but what’s the problem? I’ve played fat my whole life. I was born fat, Neymar. Then, on Instagram, what does he put in? ‘We won, yes. We played poorly?’. The selection depends on Neymar. Tite depends on a guy who commands the Brazilian team tactically and technically. There was a ball that was supposed to play for Gabigol, he didn’t play. Another one, the guy had to play for him. Who said that Neymar is Pelé?” , added Neto.

“So, is Neymar fat? Obviously he’s fat, but fat he plays more than everyone else together. What couldn’t Tite have done? Put him to play. It’s very simple. As Tite has no morals. And why? What? Because Marco Polo del Nero put him there, Rogério Caboclo, who is away on a harassment charge. What is now was placed 15 years ago by Ricardo Teixeira. How does Tite have the morale to take Neymar out of the game?” , continued.

“At the World Cup, how is Tite going to take the guy out? He won’t. Forget it! He can’t. He didn’t take it out at the World Cup. Wasn’t yesterday a chance for the Hulk to play? Marquinhos and him staying out of the game against Argentina for the third yellow card? Here comes Tite’s son: ‘Oh, dad, I think you can put another one.’ my show,” concluded the presenter.