Pabllo Vittar sings on Dawn of Chromatica, Lady Gaga’s new album – Cultura

“I always wanted to perform like the Lady Gaga on stage, you know? She showed me that I could be great if I believed in my dreams. I even fantasized about ‘Gaga Papparazi’ (in reference to the homonymous clip) in my carnival and I could feel a little bit what it’s like to be her”, recalls the singer Pablo Vittar in an interview with state. The Brazilian represents the country with the single fun tonight, which is part of the album Dawn of Chromatic: The Remix Album, released at dawn today on all digital platforms.

It all started as a big internet rumor, mostly made by the record’s epop executive producer, Michael Tucker, artistically known as BloodPop or BloodPop®, who had been dropping spoilers on a possible remix album since April of this year.

“It all happened thanks to the vittalovers (as she calls her fans) that kept getting Blood’s attention on the networks. Then we started talking and there was still the track of fun tonight to be produced and I felt very lucky”, says the singer, saying that the single was her favorite since the release of the original album. “I was in love before, but the remix brought a ‘vibe’ to Brazil. You little monsters Brazilians (as Lady Gaga’s fans are called) will feel well represented through the music”, says the artist.

Their insistence paid off. Pabllo is the only Brazilian of a legion of talented artists who are part of the remix album. And, of these, one of the few to remix only with Gaga, without other special guest appearances. Not to mention those who have already secured a presence on the original album, the sixth in Gaga’s career, released on May 29 last year. Names like Ariana Grande, Elton John and the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK.

Personal Brand. Remixing albums is something common in the career of the American singer, who did this with the album the fame (2008) and Born This Way (2011). But in Dawn Of Chromatic, the whole world participates: artist Rina Sawayama, who was born in Japan but now lives in London; Venezuelan DJ Arca; the american Charlie XCX; British rapper Bree RunWay; among other names. The idea, in all, was to follow the identity of each artist, and create new interpretations.

To represent Brazil well, Pabllo chose the musical style of his latest album Tropical Beat, released in June this year, inspired by old forró bands, especially from Pará, and tecnobrega and arrocha rhythms. “I really wanted to put this in the music because it’s a piece of me, it’s what I’m doing now, and I feel very proud to be able to bring the rhythms of the North and Northeast to Brazil, with Batidade, and now to the world, with Dawn of Chromatic”, says the singer, who was born in Maranhão. The song, sung entirely in English, has already reached the first place on Itunes Brasil.

Artistic Tietage. It is interesting to note that all entries were made by artists who are reportedly fans of Gaga, who celebrated participation in the album on their personal networks. Making a parallel, in an interview with Apple Music, in 2020, Lady Gaga said that it was thanks to the encouragement of people who believed in her that the album came out. And what better way to celebrate that victory than with artists who admire it and are part of the rising world queer scene?

“It really is a dream come true. It’s much bigger than me doing this, you know? It’s showing people that we LGBTQs can do great things, we just have to get together and we want to. That is what happened. I really wanted to hug each of my fans very strongly and thank them”, he says.

Chromatic, according to Lady Gaga, is a musical translation of the way she sees the world. A kind of diary with happy musicality. In fact, this was the singer’s first dancer after a long time with calmer songs, present in Joanne (2016) and Cheek To Cheek (partnership with Tony Bennett, in 2014). “I think she has already shown this planet of hers to us and now we can get into it and enjoy the vision of so many amazing artists. And I take the good stuff from my Brazil to represent,” says Pabllo.

In the lyrics, the American singer talks about fame, hate, depression and pain. the music itself fun tonight, feat with Pabllo, says: “I feel like I’m in a prison of hell. I am not well”. “I think we all relate to what she says, right? Not only us artists, but everyone is bound to have a sad day, bad times and that’s part of who we are.”

Despite the dream come true, there has been no interaction between the singers, according to Pabllo. “She tagged me in a Story on Instagram with a photo of us and, girl, when the notification arrived on my cell phone I just screamed: ‘It’s from Brazil!’”, celebrates Pabllo, who intends to advance much further with his career International.

In 2017, she made the song Then go like DJ Diplo. Soon after, in 2019, came flash pose with Charlie XCX. The artist also secured her place on the list of attractions at the American Coachella festival in 2020 – which was postponed due to the pandemic and has not yet released information on whether the guest artists will be kept – and the NOS Primavera Sound 2022 festival, which takes place in Barcelona. “We will all be singing arrocha, from Dublin to Argentina. I will always bring my spice from Brazil, but I also want to venture into other areas”, says Pabllo.

The singer also has an international tour scheduled from April 2022. “We will start rehearsing this year. We are also with a five-year career show project and we are preparing a virtual mega show with stage, costumes. It’s going to be awesome”, he says.