Paralympics: Thiago Paulino protests on the podium against the decision that took his gold

The award ceremony for the Paralympic F57 class shot putt, held at the Estádio Olímpico this Saturday (4), was marked by controversy involving the invalidation of the final test result, with the annulment of the two best shots by Brazilian Thiago Paulino, who lost the gold and got the bronze. From arrival to exit from the podium, the Brazilian protested and expressed his indignation throughout the ceremony.

Paulino took the podium first, as do all third-placed teams, but, as he passed through the center of the stage, in the position of the gold medalist, he stepped firmly and pointed to the floor, as if to mark his position against the final decision. With that gesture he expressed, without saying a word, that, in fact, he was the legitimate gold medalist.

During the entire award ceremony, Paulino showed his anger at what happened. He signaled negatively several times, including when he received the bronze medal. At the time of the photos, Paulino lowered his head and raised his right fist. Besides him, Marco Aurélio Borges, also Brazilian, participated in the awards, taking silver.

Chinese appeal to IPC jury
Thiago Paulino lost the gold medal more than ten hours after winning it. The Chinese Paralympic Committee filed an appeal against the Brazilian’s second and third pitches. The two shots were the best among all the competitors, and the longest of them, 15.10 meters (m), was the gold medal. With the invalidation, Paulino dropped to third place, with his best mark still valid being 14.77 m.

The competition ended at 9:50 am (Brasilia time) this Friday (3), and around 21:00 on the same day came the decision of the organization of the games accepting an appeal from China, which invalidated Paulino’s best shots. According to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the official shooting video was reviewed and the match referees consulted before the final decision.

According to the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), the Chinese protested during and after the race, but the referees did not accept the arguments. Therefore, they went to the appeal jury, an instance of the IPC. This jury decided in favor of the appeal, but did not reveal which image showed the irregularity of the shots.

“Brazil presented images from TV broadcasts of the shots in which there was no evidence of infraction in the athlete’s shooting movement, but the jury’s allegation is that the accusatory video would be from another angle, but it refused to show the video on which it was based the decision”, stated the CPB in a statement.