Paraná players take time to take the field as a protest for back wages in Serie C | parana club

Paraná Clube is going through turbulent times and among the problems faced are delayed salaries. To protest against the amounts not received, the Tricolor players took longer than usual to enter the field in the game against Criciúma, for the 15th round of Series C. The match, which takes place in Vila Capanema, this Saturday, should have start at 19:00, but the referee whistled the start of the game nine minutes late.

The club’s press office informed that “the players will be delayed as a form of protest”.

Paraná x Criciúma, in Series C — Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF

The athletes had not concentrated before the match, precisely as a form of protest, but in the pre-game, they normally went up for the warm-up.

Routine in club life, back wages are another current and future problem. Athletes range from one to three months without pay, while employees from three to four months. Aside from the months to come.

Paraná, therefore, will have to negotiate the installment or early termination. There are already cases of players who gave up what they had delayed and received within the contract to be free in the market.

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