Pilot goes to record book after flying through two tunnels

One of the goals of flying is to feel freedom and have a piece of heaven all to yourself, but it was the opposite of what a pilot experienced to be in the record books.

Photo: Red Bull

Italian pilot Dario Costa ran into another Red Bull madness: Flying not just inside one tunnel, but two, and taking off from inside one of them. The insane maneuver, which had been done only in flight simulators for fun, was completed in real life this morning (4) in Turkey.

Two highway tunnels near Istanbul were closed to the madness of the world’s most famous energy drink team. In addition to the pilot, 40 people were needed directly involved in the attempt to set the record, as well as special authorization from the authorities and the assumption of responsibilities.

The plane chosen was the American-made Zivko Edge 540, known worldwide for its extraordinary performance in acrobatic flying, which collects a range of trophies. The Çatalca double tunnels are, in total, 1,610 meters long, excluding the part that does not pass underground (which is 360 m long).

The Edge 540 reached a top speed of 245 km/h and covered the 1,970 meter course in just 43.44 seconds. Thus, it broke 5 records at once:

First plane to fly through a tunnel in history;
Longest flight under a solid object (1,610m);
First plane to fly inside two tunnels at once;
First plane to take off from inside a tunnel;
Longest flight in a tunnel.

See below the video of this incredible record: