Pregnant with twins, Barbara Evans rides in a speedboat and talks about childbirth

Barbara Evans (Photo: Reproduction)Barbara Evans (Photo: Reproduction)

expecting twins, Barbara Evans showed on social networks a ride on a luxury boat piloted by her husband, Gustavo Theodoro. Instagram followers soon warned of the risk to pregnant women. The model and actress reassured fans:

– I saw a lot of people ordering here direct and a comment saying that I shouldn’t ride a boat because it’s not recommended, because the sea hits a lot. It’s not sea here. It’s the Tietê River. It’s not sea, so don’t move.

She also answered questions about the pregnancy and said that she is going to have a cesarean:

– I never wanted to have a normal birth. I really admire women who can, but I’ve always been very scared. Mine will be cesarean.

Barbara also said that she doesn’t know the sex of the babies and that she’s preparing a revelation tea for October:

– I think it’s a couple. Or two boys.

Asked about jealousy, she said that she will be a calm mother, unlike her husband:

– Who will be jealous is him. If it’s a girl, the woman won’t even be able to go around the corner.

Gustavo joked:

– Not even.

Barbara also spoke about the date of birth.

– The forecast, if it were one, would be April 22nd. Only, as there are two, they usually don’t stay that long, nine months. So, it will be a little sooner – she explained, who stated that her new house will be ready next year and that, also in 2022, she will do the religious wedding ceremony with Gustavo.

Barbara Evans and her husband, Gustavo Theodoro (Photo: Reproduction)Barbara Evans and her husband, Gustavo Theodoro (Photo: Reproduction)
Barbecue grill on Bárbara Evans' boat (Photo: Reproduction)Barbecue grill on Bárbara Evans’ boat (Photo: Reproduction)
Bárbara Evans Speedboat (Photo: Reproduction)Bárbara Evans Speedboat (Photo: Reproduction)
Bárbara Evans shows her husband piloting a boat and the kitchen (Photo: Reproduction)Bárbara Evans shows her husband piloting a boat and the kitchen (Photo: Reproduction)


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