Rainer Cadete opens his heart and talks about new romance

The actor Rainer Cadet he opened his heart when he talked about the repercussion caused by revealing that he has a fluid sexuality. He who lives Visky from the novel secret truths, claims that he sees the personal matter as something important in the eyes of the public.

“Everyone asks me about my sexuality, it seems like it’s a very important issue. I hope that in a little while we don’t care about that. Each one manifests their sexuality and their gender in a unique way. I don’t feel like I’ve discovered anything, she just manifested, but I always understood myself that way”, said in an interview with journalist Ana Beatriz Gonçalves, from GQ Brasil magazine.

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Rainer Cadete claims that the character in Walcyr Carrasco’s plot contributed positively to his personal life. “It made me make peace with my feminine side. Because of the society we live in, men have a sick masculinity that doesn’t make up with the movements that are happening. It makes me research, interested and curious about different topics”, he pondered.

new romance

Single and father of pietro, 14 years old, the result of his relationship with actress and dancer Aline Alves, Rainer assures that he has no interest in starting new love relationships, although he does not remain closed about this. “I’m very focused on my work, no time [risos]. I have work for the next 4 and 5 years”, explained.