Ramon praises streak without conceding goals and praises double defense at Cruzeiro

(Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro)

O cruise of Vanderlei Luxemburgo regained confidence and has been rehabilitating in the series B of Brazilian championship. With three wins and three draws since the arrival of the coach, the team has been able to put aside the pressure and perform more and better on the field. Reflection of this to sequence of three games without taking goals, in 1-0 triumphs against Nutico and Confiana and in the goalless draw with the CRB.

THE evolution in the sector defensive It is one of the key points guided by Luxembourg for the Cruise to achieve the necessary victories to continue dreaming of access to the National First Division. Given the start of the second round of Segundona, the club from Minas Gerais needs an impactful campaign to get a spot in the elite in 2022.

Ramon highlighted the players’ commitment to help the celestial defensive system. He has been on the field in 18 of Cruzeiro’s 21 games so far in Serie B and, with the arrival of Eduardo Brock as defender and Luxembourg and his technical commission to the club, the shirt 4 puts the team more prepared for the difficult assignment.

“O main factor The concentration. Everyone is coming in focused, both those who are starting the game and those who are coming in also help a lot in the defensive factor. Professor Luxemburg is hitting that key, to concede as few goals, to concede as few goals as possible for the victories to come. It gets a lot easier. The trainings are also being very important for us, for us to do what I need during the games. We know that if we don’t concede goals, the victories will come more smoothly, it will be easier, and that’s what we’re trying to do,” he commented.

Ramon also pointed out that the help of his midfield and attacking teammates has been fundamental for the defense’s good work. “Not only is the defensive part, but the offensive part is also Helping we at mark. So that the ball gets broken back there. So everyone will be concentrated, focused, getting a little bit of experience from each one to make Cruzeiro stronger,” he explained.

The defender still insisted on to praise the position mate on the team. For Ramon, the partnership with Edward Brock in celestial defense it has been a factor in evolution both on and off the field and, with more training time, the search for even better performances as a team.

“It’s been very good, very important. He’s a guy who’s played there in the Northeast and I’ve followed a little, we’ve played against him a few times. It’s been very good for me to be playing alongside him. Both professionally and personally, because I’m learning many things from him. a guy leaderIt is a group, which not only on the field, but also outside conversations with everyone. He search to do the group grow. It’s been very good for me, um apprenticeship that I’m having. But not only with him, there are other players there on the defensive side who are also trying to help Cruzeiro in the best possible way. having this good sequence of jobs and training to maintain the level and always improve a little”, he said.