Reconciliation? Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera may renew their relationship after signs on Instagram

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Last week, Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera announced the end of the relationship. Rumors of the split surfaced after the actor appeared without a wedding ring in a photo and, soon after, the actress and ex-BBB went public to announce the split.

However, even with the confusion surrounding the break-up, there is hope for a possible reconciliation, since Caio Castro and not even Grazi Massafera deleted the relationship photos on social networks.

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Separation of Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera

Recently, Grazi Massafera gave an interview to Revista Ela, from Jornal O Globo, and explained about the end of her relationship with Caio Castro. It is worth remembering that the former couple was never one to show their relationship on social networks.

“My relationship with Caio came to an end because we understood that it was time to go apart. What I can say now is that we are finished with our story”, he said.

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In addition, Caio Castro used his Instagram stories to clarify the end and rumors of a betrayal involving his ex-girlfriend, actress Larissa Bonesi. The actor even said that the relationship ended amicably.

“We were never one to talk about our relationship, we never exposed much about us and it will not be now that I will feed this type of report”, started. “But making up a story of betrayal is nothing more than lack of respect,” he said, saying that the end was amicable. We decided to separate for our own reasons, we were mature and we respect, above all, our love”, finished.

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