RedeTV!, shaken by the strike, receives a notice from the Court and the attitude surprises

TV network!
TV network! does not manifest itself about possible conciliation with strikers (Image: Divulgação / RedeTV!)

Justice was involved in the strike of TV network!, but the first request for conciliation has not been effective so far. The Regional Labor Court of São Paulo presented a proposal to end the strike.

Employees of the channel fifth in the ranking of open TV audience agreed with the proposal, according to information from Notícias da TV, but they did not abandon the strike for a simple reason: RedeTV! did not comment on the matter.

Judge Valdir Florindo suggested that the salary of employees should be adjusted by 17%: 7% in October, 5% in January 2022 and another 5% in April of next year. In addition, the São Paulo channel must guarantee the employment of strikers during the collective bargaining period and pay 50% of the paralyzed days.

In agreement with the Union of Workers in Broadcasting and Television Companies in the State of São Paulo, the strikers agreed with the initial proposal. The stoppage, planned for until the next 8th, was not ended due to the lack of a clear answer from RedeTV!.

The stronger side of the channel has already shown its total disagreement with the strike. Even Sikêra Jr, presenter of the National Alert, was against the movement. Live, he declared:

“Hey, you, who’s at RedeTV’s door!. End it. Let’s work. Look, there are a lot of unemployed people wanting to take your place. This is not the time for this”.

Still in the National Alert, Sikêra Jr even thought about the criticism she would receive from the strikers and showed up against the movement. “People say you earn well”, he said, trying to reproduce a review. “It took 33 years to arrive”, he reacted. He is one of the highest salaries in the São Paulo channel.

According to the association, professionals are dissatisfied with the low salaries offered by the company. “RedeTV broadcasters! wages without readjustments for more than four years, including economic clauses contained in the Collective Bargaining of the Category. No interest from the direction of RedeTV! in negotiating, all that remained was for the workers to declare a strike. The wage losses of workers are 18.72%, if considering the retroactive it reaches 354%”, claimed the institution in a published statement.

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