Royal family plans for Queen Elizabeth 2nd funeral leaked – News

The website Politico published, this Friday (3), a leaked document that brings details of the plans of the British royal family in the days following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, 95 years old. According to the portal, the operation called London Brige (London Bridge, in free translation) brings a step by step of the real events and actions of the great political leaders in the first ten days after the monarch’s death.

Called “D-Day”, Elizabeth 2nd’s passing will be communicated to the british prime minister by phone. Then a series of calls would be fired off to senior ministers and political figures. “We have just been informed of the death of Her Majesty The Queen” will be the phrase spoken in the phone call, which will also ask for everyone’s discretion.

After the main UK political leaders are briefed, the flags in Whitehall, London, will be posted at half-mast. All websites linked to the British government will display a black screen confirming the Queen’s death. On the other hand, government accounts on social networks will only be able to publish with the authorization of the country’s chief of communication.

Finally, his son and now the main member of the monarchy, Charles will make a statement on national television to talk about the death of the Queen, who has owned the British throne since 1952.

D-Day + 1

The following day, called D + 1 Day, will be marked by Charles’ visit to the Palace of Saint James, where he will meet the Council of Accession that will proclaim him the new king of the United Kingdom. High-ranking politicians will be invited to the venue and must appear wearing black or dark ties.

D-Day + 2

The Queen’s coffin will be taken to Buckingham Palace in London. If she is at Sandringham, her residence in Norfolk, England, her body will be transported by the royal train itself.

According to the Politico website, small operations were planned for this moment: Operation Unicorn and Operation Overstudy (Study Demais, in free translation). Each of these plans aims to trace routes to places where Elizabeth 2ª is commonly found, such as in Balmoral, Scotland.

D-Day + 3 and D-Day + 4

Now King Charles will be received in the Westminster Hall where he will undergo a motion of condolences. In the afternoon, he will travel to Scotland where he will meet the local parliament. The next day, he will visit Northern Ireland, where he will undergo another motion of condolences.

D-Day + 5

With the coffin at Buckingham Palace since D-Day + 2, Elizabeth 2nd’s body will be taken from the site to the Palace of Westminster on a route through London not detailed in the Politico publication.

D-Day + 6 to D-Day + 9

The body of Queen Elizabeth II will be exposed 23 hours a day for public visitation at the Palace of Westminster. This ceremony will not be aimed at state leaders or other authorities.

D-Day + 10

The Queen Elizabeth 2nd State funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, the same location as the Prince William and Princess Kate got married in 2011. There will also be two minutes of silence that must be respected across the UK. A procession will take place between London and Windsor. Finally, the Queen will be buried in the Memorial Chapel of King George VI.

Funeral Concerns and Risks

According to the document, some departments fear the commotion the Queen’s death could cause. Cases of crowded transports with mass displacement to London, possible terrorist attacks in places of great concentration of people or even the security of heads of state from around the world who visit England, are some of the British concerns.

Leak angered UK official office

The Government Office of the United Kingdom, who supports both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Royal Family, was angered by the leak of the document to the Politico website. According to the English newspaper The Telegraph, the version of the document published by the portal is from a few months ago.

The publication also highlights that the royal family and politicians were “irritated” and “frustrated” by the leak, as Queen Elizabeth II is fully healthy. The Cabinet should launch an inquiry to find out who submitted the document to the Politico website.

Also according to The Telegraph, there is another, more sensitive version of the document that was delivered to about ten people.