Santos loses to Cuiab with a goal at the end and gets complicated at the Brazilian Nationals

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Even though the Lo Baptisto reinforcement is debuting, the saints continues with difficulties in the season. Playing at Arena Pantanal, Fernando Diniz’s team was defeated by Cuiab 2-1, this Saturday night, for the 19th round of the Brazilian, and accumulated the sixth game without a victory, by different competitions. It was the third straight defeat of the Vila Belmiro team.

The new trip should increase the pressure of the fans on the coach, the target of many criticisms after the tough 4-0 rout against Flamengo, last weekend. The recent series of poor results includes the fall in the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana and the defeat to Athletico-PR, in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

For the Brazilian, Santos is now closer to the relegation zone than to the fight for the top positions. With 22 points, he dropped to 13th place. But it adds a game more than the main neighbors on the table. In other words, you can lose more places as a result of matches.

Cuiab, who until then was fighting to get away from the relegation zone, took a leap in the table. He exchanged 15th for 9th place, now with 24 points.

Without even being able to count on Marinho, Fernando Diniz promoted the debut of straight forward Lo Baptisto as a starter. The reinforcement, regularized this week, formed an attacking duo with Marcos Guilherme, while Pirani and Snchez moved up to thicken the offensive sector.

But Santos’ most offensive posture brought a hard consequence after just 3 minutes. Taking advantage of the more advanced disposition of all the Santos players, including the defenders, Cuiab opened the scoring after launching on the back of the confused defenders and goal by Jonathan Cafu.

The early goal changed the whole scenario of the match. Cuiab started playing in the boom, making it even more difficult for Santos to advance, who continue to impose a measured pace to their games, with slow transitions. The attacks were limited to surveys in the area. At 22, Snchez headed with danger, over the mischievous And, at 29, Baptisto had the best chance, with a beautiful header, which required a beautiful defense from Walter.

Santos’ situation was not favorable. So much so that Diniz made his first change at 32. He replaced Jean Mota for Lucas Braga to reinforce the attack. The option, in addition to emptying the midfield, forced the team from São Paulo to bet even more on the plays on the wings, giving up the frame in the middle.

At the edge of the lawn, Diniz insistently yelled for the full-backs to raise balls in the area, looking for Baptisto. The coach also asked for tables involving Par and Felipe Jonathan with the respective forwards who were acting on the sides of the field. Without success, Santos even saw Cuiab almost expand at 43, when Camilo filled the front of the area and Joo Paulo made a great save.

In the second half, Santos’ strategy almost yielded the tie at 9, when Pirani received a good pass from Snchez and stamped the foot of the crossbar. The goal finally came at 18, in the same style. Par crossed from the right and Pirani, first, sent it to the net.

Coach Jorginho took some time, but he made precise changes at Cuiab, which changed the scenario of the duel. In addition to starting to defend better, the home team found space in the attack and created three clear chances for a goal, with the ball right on the crossbar, at 31. The hosts were closer to the second goal than the Santos players

And he came at 42 minutes. Clayson hit a nice cross to the head of Elton, who did not forgive and ensured the victory of the hosts.



Walter; Joo Lucas, Marllon, Paulo and Uendel; Auremir (Yuri Lima), Camilo (Uillian Correia), Cabrera (Felipe Marques); Clayson, Jenison (Elton) and Jonathan Cafu (Guilherme Pato)

Technician: Jorginho


John Paul; Par, Robson Reis (Danilo Boza), Wagner Leonardo and Felipe Jonatan (Moraes); Camacho (Ivonei), Carlos Snchez, Jean Mota (Lucas Braga) and Gabriel Pirani; Lo Baptisto (Marcos Leonardo) and Marcos Guilherme

Technician: Fernando Diniz

GOALS – Jonathan Cafu, 3 minutes into the first half. Pirani, at 18, and Elton, at 42 minutes of the second half.

YELLOW CARDS – Camilo, Marcos Guilherme, Yuri Lima, Elton.

RBITRO – Bruno Arleu de Arajo (RJ).

INCOME AND PUBLIC – Fanless game.

LOCAL – Arena Pantanal, in Cuiab (MT).