São Paulo government sues Sikêra Júnior and Patricia Abravanel for LGBTQIA+phobia

The presenter Sikêra Júnior, from RedeTV!

The presenter Sikêra Júnior, from RedeTV!

Photo: Divulgation / RedeTV / Modern Popcorn

The São Paulo Department of Justice intends to file administrative proceedings against presenters Sikêra Júnior, from RedeTV, and Patricia Abravanel, from SBT, for LGBTQIA+phobia. The respective broadcasters of each presenter will also be cited. The subpoena for a conciliation hearing, mediated by the SP Court of Justice, should be published in the coming days.

The actions were motivated by demonstrations that aired in June this year, when Sikêra Júnior referred to homosexuals as a “disgraceful race” during the “National Alert” program and Patricia Abravanel stated in “Vem pra Cá” that conservatives have the right of being intolerant and the segment has to understand who does not respect them, making fun of the acronym LGBTQIA+.

After the negative repercussion, Sílvio Santos’ daughter showed regret and addressed the meaning of the acronym in her program, stating that “no one wants to harm anyone, we want to learn and grow”. Sikêra Júnior, in turn, suffered a boycott campaign and apologized after losing advertisers. “I have to admit that I overdid myself. In the heat of the comment, I may have used words [de] which I regret,” stated the presenter.

In addition to the presenters, two councilors will also be prosecuted, one from Itararé and the other from São José do Rio Preto.

“The state of São Paulo does not tolerate intolerance,” said the secretary of Justice and Citizenship, Fernando José da Costa, in an official statement about the measure. “In 2019 we filed 20 administrative proceedings for LGBTphobia. In 2020 there were 47, an increase of more than 130%”, he compared.

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