Seer guarantees reconciliation between Grazi Massafera and Cauã Reymond

Grazi Massafera and Cauã Reymond are they going to resume the relationship? According to predictions of the famous seer Val Couto, the possibility conspires in favor already for the next year. The two separated in 2013, and are parents of Sophia, 9 years old.

According to him, an unexpected forecast hit the future plan of the former couple, who have a mature relationship even after the separation. The actress even recently ended her relationship with Caio Castro, while the 40-year-old heartthrob is married to the presenter Mariana Goldfarb, two years ago.

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“The Grazi [Massafera] and the Cauã [Reymond] they’ll come back in 2022, they’ll live a life together, but it won’t be forever, I see them living 20 to 30 years as a couple, while people said Caio Castro was the love of her life, I always said he wasn’t , write down what I’m saying, Grazi and Cauã will be together again”, said the tarot card.

Recently, rumors surfaced that Caio Castro was living affair with Brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi, star of Netflix in India. Both parties denied the rumors, but the beauty claimed they had been in a romance years before his involvement with Larissa’s interpreter of the soap opera secret truths.

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