Serie D has seven more clubs qualified for the knockout; on Sunday, duels will be defined | brazilian series d

This Saturday, the 2021 edition of the Brazilian Series D met seven more clubs classified for the second phase of the competition. Moto Club, Paragominas, Brasiliense, Bangu, Cianorte, Caxias and Esportivo-RS did well in the last round of the competition’s group stage and now await the definition of all the knockout matches. Some of them, however, are confirmed (see below).

On Sunday, the last knockout team will be defined. Atlético-CE and Sousa compete for the last place in Group A3, in a direct confrontation. The other matches of groups A1, A3, A4 and A6 will reposition the clubs in the table, closing the duels of the second phase, now with the access race.

Esportivo-RS rumbles and advances to the knockout — Photo: Kevin Sganzela/ Esportivo

In direct confrontation, Brasiliense drew a 1-1 draw against Goianésia and confirmed the spot.

Group 7 was the one with the most emotional potential. However, Cianorte (goalless draw with Portuguesa) and Bangu (win 2-1 over Santo André) did their homework and gave no chance to their rivals. Inter Limeira, Boavista, São Bento and Madureira were eliminated.

The most dramatic moments came in Group A8: Esportivo-RS beat Rio Branco-PR by 4-1. With two goals after 45 minutes, the team from Rio Grande do Sul built up enough balance to take out Juventude-SC, who were in a draw with Caxias. The three teams got 18 points, and the goal difference (third tiebreaker) classified Caxias and Esportivo-RS.

Moto Club sets a spot in the second phase — Photo: Hiago Ferreira / Moto Club

With the definition of the games this Saturday, plus the teams already defined and waiting for the matches that close the group stage on Sunday, so is the knockout key:

Castanhal x Moto Club
2nd of A4 x 3rd of A3

4th of July x 3rd of the A1
ABC x 4th of A4

Guarany de Sobral x 4th of the A1
2nd of A3 x 3rd of A4

São Raimundo-RR x Paragominas
1st of A4 x 4th of A3

Aparecidense x 4th of the A6
FC Rattlesnake x Cyanorte

2nd of the A6 x União Rondonópolis
Portuguese x Caxias

Railway x Brasiliense
Santo André x Esportivo-RS

Nova Mutum x 3rd of the A6
Joinville x Bangu

  • Teams from Group 1 define placement in the table. All four (Castanhal, São Raimundo-RR, Galvez and Penarol-AM) are classified;
  • Atlético-CE and Sousa compete for the last spot in Group 3 in direct confrontation. Clube Ceará depends on the draw, and the team from Paraíba needs to win;
  • The four clubs in Group 4 are confirmed in the second phase;
  • Railway, confirmed as leader. Boa Esporte, Uberlândia and Caldense, in Group 6, are also confirmed and play to define their position.

Cianorte and Portuguesa tie and advance — Photo: Diego Menegon/Cianorte FC

  • Group 1: Castanhal, São Raimundo-RR, Galvez and Penarol-AM ✔️
  • Group 2: Guarany de Sobral , 4th of July, Moto Club and Paragominas ✔️
  • Group 3: ABC, América-RN, Campinense and ❓
  • Group 4: Juazeirense, Itabaiana, Sergipe and Retro ✔️
  • Group 5: Aparecidense, Nova Mutum, União Rondonópolis and Brasiliense ✔️
  • Group 6: Railway, Good Sport, Uberlândia de Caldense ✔️
  • Group 7: Portuguese, Santo André, Cianorte and Bangu ✔️
  • Group 8: FC Cascavel, Joinville, Esportivo-RS and Caxias ✔️
  • Second level: outbound games (September 12th) and back (September 19th)
  • Round of Octaves: out (September 26) and back (October 3)
  • Quarter finals, definition of who goes up and using the VAR: outbound (October 10th) and back (October 17th)
  • Semifinals: outbound (October 24th) and back (October 31st)
  • Final: out (November 7th) and back (November 14th)