State of SP is notified by Anvisa after suspected entry of players from Argentina without quarantine

After being notified by Anvisa, the Health Department of the State of São Paulo investigates the possible irregularity of four players from the Argentine national team. The reason is the suspicion of entering Brazil without respecting sanitary rules amidst the restrictions of the pandemic, as determined by the EG.

The Argentine team will face Brazil next Sunday (5), at the Neo Química Arena, in a match valid for the Qatar World Cup qualifiers.

Among the suspected players are goalkeeper Emiliano “Dibu” Martinez and midfielder Emiliano Buendia, athletes from Aston Villa, as well as midfielder Giovani Lo Celso and defender Cristian Romero, from Tottenham. Both arrived with the Argentine delegation in São Paulo.

To give you an idea, four players mentioned act in England, which requires them to stay under quarantine for 14 days as per the Civil House decree. It is worth remembering that Martinez and Buendía played on English soil last August 28, as well as Lo Celso and Romero who, despite not playing, were on the bench.

After the suspicion, a meeting between the Argentine delegation and representatives of Anvisa is scheduled for this Saturday.

See organ note:

The Secretary of State for Health informs that the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), responsible for surveillance at airports, allowed the entry into Brazil of 4 athletes from the Argentine soccer team who work in the United Kingdom. According to Federal Ordinance n.655 of June 23, 2021, they had to comply with quarantine when arriving in Brazil for having passed through England in the last 14 days, considered a restricted area.

After notification from the federal agency, the State Department of Health initiated an epidemiological and health investigation and will report all information for Anvisa to deliberate on the need for quarantine of athletes.

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